Analyzing Analytics: Exit Rate vs Bounce Rate

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There are two metrics you can use to measure a web page’s effectiveness in terms of catching your visitor’s interest: the exit rate and the bounce rate. These are sometimes confused for the other. Take a closer look at how they differ and what they can tell you.

Calculating the Exit Rate

An exit is counted towards the last page that was viewed in a session, before the visitor navigates away from the website. A page’s exit rate measures the percentage of exits against its total pageviews. The exit rate does not consider the number of pages viewed during the session.

Exit Rate


Calculating the Bounce Rate

A “bounce” occurs when a visitor enters a website, then leaves after seeing a single page, without continuing through to other pages of the site. The bounce rate measures the ratio of these visits, and is used to determine the effectiveness of entry pages at arousing the visitor’s interest, enough to get them to continue browsing through to other pages.

A page’s bounce is also considered an exit, since it is the last (albeit only) page viewed for that session. A bounce is not counted if a session has more than one page view.

Bounce Rate


Consider this example for a website with three pages: Orange, Blue and Green. A week’s data shows one session per day, with the following pageview order:

Exit Rate vs Bounce Rate


The entry pages are highlighted yellow. In this example, the exit rates of each page are as follows:

  • Orange = 66%. 2 of the 3 pageviews to Orange was the last of the session (Tuesday and Friday).
  • Blue = 0%. None of the sessions ended with Blue.
  • Green = 75%. 3 of the 4 pageviews to Green was the last of the session (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday).

Now for the bounce rates:

  • Orange = 50%. 1 of 2 sessions that began with Orange resulted in a bounce (Tuesday).
  • Blue = 0%. None of the sessions that began with Blue resulted in a bounce.
  • Green = 100%. The one session that began with Green resulted in a bounce (Thursday).


What the Exit and Bounce Rates Tell You

Basically, these metrics let you know the pages where your visitors tend to drop off and leave.

Ideally, you want to have low bounce rates for your landing pages. High bounce rates, especially from paid clicks, means you’re wasting money because your visitors don’t find your landing page interesting enough to proceed. You need to optimise your landing page for conversion.

In the same manner, you should keep a close track of pages that have high exit rates, especially those that are vital to conversion. You don’t want visitors dropping off halfway through a sale. Review and optimise your sales funnel to ensure that you don’t have leakages.


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