How To Split Test Your Landing Pages

Contrary to popular belief, landing pages are not websites. In fact, they constitute only a single page. However, they are incredibly important in your online marketing campaigns you can never go without them. Landing pages can increase conversion rates to as much as 300% and potentially save a hundred thousand […] Read more »


5 Split Testing Tips For Your Ads

“Only a few people read ads, so why should I make one?” This is a very logical question. Have you gone to Google and Bing and tried clicking on an ad? The main reason why you’re in this search engine is to look for information and not click ads. Read more »

The Ad Split Testing Race in PPC Marketing

PPC Advertising Technique: Split Testing

When going for PPC Advertising, it is not enough to just know how it works. You have to arm yourselves with weapons that will make your PPC Marketing a success. Here at Invision Net, we’ll show you the secret recipes to creating an explosive campaign that will boost your conversions […] Read more »

Common PPC Mistakes: Not Doing These 5 Important Practices

Common PPC Mistakes: Not Doing These 5 Important Practices

Pay per click advertising is a wonderful marketing strategy, if done correctly. However, not everyone who has used PPC in the past ended up happy, and it’s most likely because of not doing several basic but highly important practices that are crucial to the campaigns’ health. Read more »