How To Add a User To Your Google Analytics Account

In order for third party users to help you interpret your Google Analytics data, develop sales funnels and conversion tracking, and improve the performance of your marketing campaigns, you may need to provide them access to your Google Analytics account. Here is a tutorial on how to add a user […] Read more »

Exit Rate vs Bounce Rate

Analyzing Analytics: Exit Rate vs Bounce Rate

There are two metrics you can use to measure a web page’s effectiveness in terms of catching your visitor’s interest: the exit rate and the bounce rate. These are sometimes confused for the other. Take a closer look at how they differ and what they can tell you. Read more »

cost per conversion thumb

PPC Performance Indicators: Cost Per Conversion

In simplest terms, cost per conversion measures the average amount you are spending for traffic to get a single conversion. This is also referred to as cost per acquisition (CPA). It tells you at a glance whether your campaigns are profitable or not. Read more »

How to Set Up Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

How to Set Up Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking is a free tool that shows you what happens after a customer clicks on your ad – whether they purchased a product, signed up for your newsletter, or filled out a form to receive more information. By tracking these “conversions”, you’ll know which ads, keywords, and campaigns bring […] Read more »