How To Add A Facebook Custom Audience Pixel To Your Website

A Custom Audience from your Website is a targeting option that lets you reach people who have visited your website on Facebook by using a tracking pixel on your website. This is useful when retargeting users who have indicated interest in your products or services, but did not take your […] Read more »


The AdWords Revolution: 2013 Developments and 2014 Prospects

AdWords in 2013 was very overwhelming. A lot of improvements were imposed to improve the quality of service, using AdWords in partnership with the advertisers to better connect with clients. There are also more improvement plans this 2014 and we are just excited to share a few of them. Read more »

Gear Your Ads For Holiday Traffic

Gear Your Ads For Holiday Traffic

It’s that time of the year when consumers all over the world are preparing to spend for the holidays. With the anticipated influx of online shoppers, especially in this mobile age, comes millions of holiday campaigns from advertisers everywhere. Is your business ready to compete? Read more »