Comparing Bing Ads and Google AdWords

Most of the time when PPC (pay per click) is mentioned, one instantly thinks of Google Adwords. It is not really surprising since it is the biggest paid search system online. However, over the last few years, it is also gaining some tough competition, most notably from Bing Ads. Read more »


The Internet’s Role in the Buying Process

At any point in time, consumers are within one or more buying stage of a product or service. As the Internet became readily available to more users, it also influenced decision making. Check out how the Internet affected the consumer’s buying process. Read more »


Targeting Local Customers

Do you serve only a specific geographic market, or do you want to know the specific areas that respond well to your advertisements? Well good news, because pay per click marketing allows you to do this with location targeting. Read more »

eBay Dynamic Keyword Insertion Disaster

PPC Advertising Technique: Dynamic Keyword Insertion

FACT: The more a person sees something that he thinks is uniquely made for him or is exactly what he is looking for, he is more likely to check it out. This knowledge is made useful by Google Adwords by using Dynamic Keyword Insertion. What is Dynamic Keyword Insertion and […] Read more »