How To Split Test Your Landing Pages

Contrary to popular belief, landing pages are not websites. In fact, they constitute only a single page. However, they are incredibly important in your online marketing campaigns you can never go without them. Landing pages can increase conversion rates to as much as 300% and potentially save a hundred thousand […] Read more »

Exit Rate vs Bounce Rate

Analyzing Analytics: Exit Rate vs Bounce Rate

There are two metrics you can use to measure a web page’s effectiveness in terms of catching your visitor’s interest: the exit rate and the bounce rate. These are sometimes confused for the other. Take a closer look at how they differ and what they can tell you. Read more »

Say More Than Thank You With a Thank You Page

Say More Than Thank You With a Thank You Page

Aside from having a page to place conversion tracking codes, the Thank You page is a good opportunity to keep your visitors engaged after a conversion. Just because you already got what you (originally) want doesn’t mean you should stop there. Read more »

Use an obstacle-free landing page to make the path to conversion easier.

Landing Page Basics: What It Is and Why You Need It

Are you driving paid traffic to your home page, or a page with distracting links and text, with no clear call-to-action? Are you paying for click-throughs from your ads, only to have visitors leave as soon as they arrive? You need a good, powerful landing page. Read more »