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10 Tips for Effective AdWords Copy

Your AdWords copy can only do so much. Its real source of success rests upon you and how well you create and manage them. Although there are no guarantees, you can increase your chance of achieving a high conversion and click-through rate through these 10 helpful tips. Read more »

Gear Your Ads For Holiday Traffic

Gear Your Ads For Holiday Traffic

It’s that time of the year when consumers all over the world are preparing to spend for the holidays. With the anticipated influx of online shoppers, especially in this mobile age, comes millions of holiday campaigns from advertisers everywhere. Is your business ready to compete? Read more »

Keyword Match Types

How Keyword Match Types Work

PPC marketing revolves on the use of keywords. The advertiser sets keywords, and ads are triggered either by matching search queries or webpage content. Relevance is very important, and this is where keyword matching options come into play. Read more »