Google Trusted Stores

Google Trusted Stores: What This Means for E-Commerce Businesses

Aside from having the widest coverage among all search engines, many e-commerce businesses optimise to get Google favor because of the company’s strong support for both retailers and consumers. It challenges and revolutionizes online shopping regularly to make it truly easier, more convenient, and most importantly, more secure. Read more »


Tracking Conversions Better With Estimated Total Conversions

Today, the number of consumers who are constantly on the go and using multiple devices to access the Internet continues to grow exponentially. In fact, a study made in September found out that more than 90% of users move sequentially from one screen to another for everyday activities, including posting pictures […] Read more »


The AdWords Revolution: 2013 Developments and 2014 Prospects

AdWords in 2013 was very overwhelming. A lot of improvements were imposed to improve the quality of service, using AdWords in partnership with the advertisers to better connect with clients. There are also more improvement plans this 2014 and we are just excited to share a few of them. Read more »

Exit Rate vs Bounce Rate

Analyzing Analytics: Exit Rate vs Bounce Rate

There are two metrics you can use to measure a web page’s effectiveness in terms of catching your visitor’s interest: the exit rate and the bounce rate. These are sometimes confused for the other. Take a closer look at how they differ and what they can tell you. Read more »