Comparing Bing Ads and Google AdWords

Most of the time when PPC (pay per click) is mentioned, one instantly thinks of Google Adwords. It is not really surprising since it is the biggest paid search system online. However, over the last few years, it is also gaining some tough competition, most notably from Bing Ads. Read more »

when is ppc not advisable

When is PPC Marketing Not Advisable?

Honestly, we can’t think of a lot of reasons why anyone shouldn’t use pay per click marketing. It’s one of the best online marketing methods out there, and anyone who uses it correctly will definitely benefit from it. Read more »

The Ad Split Testing Race in PPC Marketing

PPC Advertising Technique: Split Testing

When going for PPC Advertising, it is not enough to just know how it works. You have to arm yourselves with weapons that will make your PPC Marketing a success. Here at Invision Net, we’ll show you the secret recipes to creating an explosive campaign that will boost your conversions […] Read more »