Targeting Local Customers

Do you serve only a specific geographic market, or do you want to know the specific areas that respond well to your advertisements? Well good news, because pay per click marketing allows you to do this with location targeting. Read more »

Say More Than Thank You With a Thank You Page

Say More Than Thank You With a Thank You Page

Aside from having a page to place conversion tracking codes, the Thank You page is a good opportunity to keep your visitors engaged after a conversion. Just because you already got what you (originally) want doesn’t mean you should stop there. Read more »

Use an obstacle-free landing page to make the path to conversion easier.

Landing Page Basics: What It Is and Why You Need It

Are you driving paid traffic to your home page, or a page with distracting links and text, with no clear call-to-action? Are you paying for click-throughs from your ads, only to have visitors leave as soon as they arrive? You need a good, powerful landing page. Read more »

when is ppc not advisable

When is PPC Marketing Not Advisable?

Honestly, we can’t think of a lot of reasons why anyone shouldn’t use pay per click marketing. It’s one of the best online marketing methods out there, and anyone who uses it correctly will definitely benefit from it. Read more »