Using Flexible Bid Strategies in Enhanced Campaigns

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Have you got an online shop or a business website that has not been delivering as expected? Not to worry, you can improve its performance with an enhanced campaign.

Enhanced campaigns make it easier for your business to reach a wider audience across numerous devices using the right ads, based on specific time, device type, and location.

Nowadays, people constantly switch from one device to another, depending on which one works best for they currently are and what exactly they are trying to achieve. Similarly, devices are quickly evolving, incorporating as many capabilities and features as possible. With enhanced campaigns, you will be able to reach the right market at times that actually matter.

With enhanced campaigns, you’ll also be able to manage complex ads, targeting, and most of all, bidding for various platforms, including mobile and computers within the same campaign. Management of accounts is also being consolidated for desktops, as well as tablets. Plus, you can reduce the total number of campaigns needed to be made, which means that you won’t need to create different campaigns for each type of device or location you want to target.

You may reach your target audience across different devices with one enhanced campaign.

You may reach your target audience across different devices with one enhanced campaign.


If you’ve wished that you can apply automated bidding to any part of your campaign while you’re manually bidding on other keywords for one campaign, then enhanced campaign is the best answer. This is because this marketing strategy offered by Google AdWords comes with flexible bid strategies that allows you to apply multiple bidding techniques within one campaign or across several ones. Through this, you will have the freedom to pick the best bid strategy for your ads without the constraint of an account structure.

To give you a better idea of how each flexible bid strategy works and when you can use it, read on:


Target Search Page Location

What it does: It automatically attempts to make your ads rank high on the first page of the search results.
When can you use it: If you want to have more visibility on Google’s search engine result’s pages or in the top positions.


Maximize Clicks (flexible version of Automatic Bidding)

What it does: It sets bids automatically to ensure you’ll get the most clicks within your chosen target spend amount.
When can you use it: When site visits are your number one goal and when you want maximized traffic using long-tail keyphrases within a specific spend.


Target CPA (Flexible version of Conversion Optimizer)

What it does: It sets bids so you can have as many conversions as possible while reaching your target average CPA goal.
When can you use it: You can use it when you want the most conversions at your target CPA.


Enhanced CPC (Flexible version of Enhanced CPC)

What it does: It can automatically adjust your manual bid up or down, depending on a click’s potential to turn into a conversion.
When can you use it: This is used when your main objective is to have conversions and more control over keyword bids.


To make the new flexible bid strategies to generate the best results, you have to apply the Target Search Page Location bidding strategy to specific keywords, no matter where they are in your account. This is to keep all of them in top positions. Similarly, if you have a different campaign that is mainly aimed at generating leads, but also has some awareness-building keywords, you can use the Target CPA bidding technique for the lead generation ad groups while the Target Search Page Location would be more appropriate for awareness-building keywords.

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