The AdWords Revolution: 2013 Developments and 2014 Prospects

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AdWords in 2013 was very overwhelming. A lot of improvements were imposed to improve the quality of service, using AdWords in partnership with the advertisers to better connect with clients. There are also more improvement plans this 2014 and we are just excited to share a few of them.

Flashback to 2013


Enhanced Campaigns

A lot of people use mobile devices for communication, connectivity and entertainment. AdWords launched enhanced campaigns last February of 2013 to take advantage of the growing number of mobile users. With enhanced campaigns, AdWords made it more user friendly for their clients to manage and customize their advertisements, such as location targeting, time and day parting on different devices. In line with this, we gave some useful tips and practices on how to improve their ad campaigns to enhance customer satisfaction and continued growth of their business.

AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Enhanced campaigns allowed advertisers to reach their audience on any device, wherever they are, at any time of the day. (Image source: Alex Griendling)


Flexible Bid Strategies

Along with enhanced campaigns, AdWords added some powerful bidding tools. It is an easier way and new audience dimension for search ads, and advanced conversion measurement.

Using manual bidding could be useful and very important to get better results, but at the same time it is more difficult and consumes a lot of time. This is why a lot of advertisers use automated bidding tools to get best results, as it saves their time and goals are accurately met. So AdWords launched a new approach that is a more flexible, easier and less complex strategy on bidding, known as the flexible bid strategies.

This method gives advertisers and advertising companies like Invision Net the freedom to select their own strategy such as Target Cost per Action or Target Top Position within their own advertisements or campaigns.  With this, advertisers can choose what they think is the most appropriate for the keywords and ad groups for their campaigns, and choose either automated or manual bidding strategy.

One of the new bidding strategies introduced was the Target Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). This strategy uses unique and real time predictions which then automatically adjusts your keyword, ad group, and campaign-level bids to meet your desired target ROAS.



In June of 2013, AdWords also introduced an advanced way for advertisers to connect with their audience. By using remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA), advertisers may show text ads to users based on search keywords, or cookies that have been stored in the user’s computer during a previous visit to the advertiser’s website.


Measuring Conversions

Also last year, AdWords made some systemic and significant changes in measuring conversions more accurately. AdWords added the ability for advertisers to measure conversions across accountsimport conversions into AdWords from a CRM system, and count phone calls as AdWords conversions. They also introduced a new way to track conversions precisely, starting from the ad click on an initial device up to the conversion using another device. This new metric is called estimated cross device conversions.


What’s New In 2014?

This 2014, AdWords have lots of plans in increasing their clients’ productivity. There is so much in store for advertisers in the coming months.

The AdWords team aimed to improve workflow efficiency, campaign planning, analysis and reporting, opportunity identification, and testing. They are continuously developing easier and more personalized ways of connecting with advertisers.

There is more to come for advertisers and advertising agencies using AdWords this 2014. We will definitely stay in the loop with the latest news, and deliver the latest and most innovative technology in AdWords today.


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