Google AdWords Editor: Is It Dead Yet?

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With Google introducing a new AdWords feature that allows marketers to undo changes they have made, people are now wondering whether the AdWords Editor is already dead.

What the new AdWords “undo” button does, so far, is give marketers an easy way to revert to the way their campaign was run before, or to download a new version of campaign specifics or account. Although the abilities of such change is limited, as it is available only in select accounts, it makes testing much easier.

With this new capability, a big question looms in many people’s minds: is the Google AdWords Editor desktop version gone?

Easily undo changes in AdWords with the "undo" button in change history.

Easily undo changes in AdWords with the “undo” button in change history. (image source: Search Engine Land)


Advantages That Made AdWords Editor a Favorite Online Marketing Tool

  • The bulk editing capability, which can now be accessed in the web version.
  • The copy and paste feature that allows you create campaigns faster, making it easier for you break up large ad groups into smaller versions.
  • The save as draft ability, allowing you to draft campaigns that you could go back to later.
  • The “undo” and “redo” options, which are now available in the web version.
  • The offline editing that was previously a big issue.
  • The speed, making the desktop version much faster. Now, the web version outpaces the desktop editor.


Problems That Put Off Marketers From Using AdWords Editor

There is a lag between the release of various features on the desktop and web versions. It took several months for enhanced campaigns support features to be available in the AdWords editor to be available to the AdWords Editor. This has been a big concern for many advertisers because Google releases different features at an alarmingly fast pace.

In the new millennium, though, when Wi-Fi connection was painfully slow, you’d normally consider the web version to be useless. This is because the editing functions, such as copy and paste, undo, and bulk edits cannot be found in the online version.

But if you use the offline versions nowadays, you’ll have problems with synchronization. For example, two people working on the account simultaneously can cause a crash or overwriting, resulting in lost work. Unlike all the other Google apps, it doesn’t allow for working or storing in the cloud.

Furthermore, Google has not added any new features into the offline version. Because of this, many believe that the AdWords Editor desktop version could be abolished, given the fact that when Google stops making innovations on a particular product, chances are, it could be well on its way out the door.


What Lies Ahead

Experts predict Google will put the Google AdWords Editor to rest. Besides, having rendered nine years in service, it has outlived its usefulness. In fact, it could follow the footsteps of other discontinued products onto the Google Graveyard.

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