Comparing Bing Ads and Google AdWords

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Most of the time when PPC (pay per click) is mentioned, one instantly thinks of Google Adwords. It is not really surprising since it is the biggest paid search system online. However, over the last few years, it is also gaining some tough competition, most notably from Bing Ads.

Bing Ads, formerly known as adCenter, is the brainchild of Microsoft, who also runs MSN. You may no longer know these facts if you are new online. But what’s more important is to understand that like Google, Bing is also a search engine and right now the second in rank, ahead of Yahoo.

Google AdWords vs Bing Ads


What Makes Them the Same?

Before we get into the details of their differences, let’s talk about their similarities first. Aside from their paid search tools, they also have search partners. This means the ads are published not only in search engines but also in their partner networks. Your reach is therefore multiplied a couple-fold.

They also share almost the same kinds of features, such as diagnostics, reports, budgets, and monitoring. Although they have some varieties, overall, moving from Google to Bing, vice versa, or both should not be extremely difficult.


How Are They Different?

The differences, however, are more glaring than similarities. Let’s begin with CPC (cost per click). It’s basically how much you pay every time someone clicks on the ad. A lot of factors can affect the cost, but usually the keyword competition has a lot of weight. The more people search for it, the more you’re going to pay for the keyword. Based on statistics, Google Adwords has a higher CPC than Bing Ads, which means you’re paying more if you do the former. For a small business, thus, it’s not difficult to seriously consider Bing Ads.

But then the cost is just a small part of the decision making. You then proceed to the click-through rate, or the rate of which the ad is clicked. Unless someone opens the ad, you haven’t really made any marked difference in terms of traffic and lead generation. In this area, Google definitely takes the lead because of its incredibly wide and massive queries every day.

Does this mean Bing Ads counts very less? Not so. Sometimes low competition can also be good since, aside from the fact that it drives CPC costs down, as a marketer, you have a much higher chance to boost your click-through rate.

There are also many significant differences in terms of features of these paid search tools. When you are in Google AdWords, you only have two options for publishing: Google or Partners. You can do both, but the problem is you do not have the mechanism to create market segments and allocate your budget properly to who you think are the best partner, a nice tweak offered by Bing Ads.

As to quality score, the measure of the relevancy of the ads to the keyword and search, Bing Ads offers a more detailed view so you can have a better idea of how your ad is placing.


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