6 Ways to Measure Google AdWords Success

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Are you currently using Google AdWords to promote your business? How can you be sure if your PPC Advertising campaigns are backing out for you? Here are the top six ways to measure the success of your Google Adwords campaigns, as well as your PPC campaigns in other search networks.

Google AdWords Success

Google AdWords Success


1. Number of Impressions

Whether you are promoting your business for branding or for increase in clientele, the amount of impressions your ad receives is indicative of your ad’s reach. The more impressions you get, the higher the probability of attracting more consumers.

2. Click thru Rate

The amount of impressions is meaningless if people don’t click on your ad. Your ad’s CTR will show you whether the ad is attractive enough to warrant interest into your business. If your CTR is low, it’s about time to change your ad’s text, headline and other properties to attract your target audience. And if your CTR is high, do some split-testing to further maximize your ads and keywords.

3. Conversions

This is the most popular indicator of Google AdWords performance. The more conversions you get, the better. Again, split test between ads to find out the best performing one and milk it towards getting more conversions. The number of conversions should be compared within a specific time-frame. For instance, you should compare this month’s conversions to that of last month and see if there is any improvement.

4. Conversion Rate

You might be having a consistent flow of conversions, but if your conversion rate is low, adjustments must be done. Changes must be done either on your keywords, ad text, location, etc. The better targeted your ads are, the higher your conversion rate will be.

5. Cost per Conversion

The amount we spend in order to gain clients or purchases is a critical indicator of PPC campaigns’ success. You may be having a boat-load of  conversions, but if you are spending hundreds of dollars to gain each one, it may be time to rethink your PPC Campaign plans. The cost per conversion should be reasonable enough for you to continue spending on PPC Advertising while gaining an amiable ROI.

6. Quality Score

Google Search is all about making the users happy. If the users are happy, then Google AdWords is also happy. In turn, you will get a higher quality score, which is equivalent to a higher ranking with lower Cost per Click. A higher ranking means more impressions at the lowest possible price.

Get Google AdWords Professionals

Some may think that achieving all these six metrics is not easy. That is true for amateurs, but not for Google AdWords Professionals. Certified professionals can take one look at your campaigns, see what’s wrong, and turn these around to make your PPC marketing successful by optimising sales funnels. Don’t risk your advertising campaigns by putting them in the wrong hands. Ask a Google AdWords Professional for help today!

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