10 Tips for Effective AdWords Copy

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Your AdWords copy can only do so much. Its real source of success rests upon you and how well you create and manage them. Although there are no guarantees, you can increase your chance of achieving a high conversion and click-through rate through these 10 helpful tips.

Image credit: John Morse

Image credit: John Morse

  1. Know your audience. The bottom line of everything is your customer, not the search engines. After all, Google and Bing are not the ones who will buy your product, making your campaign effective. One of the best ways to understand your market is to create ideal personas to whom you will sell your products.
  2. Choose the right keywords. Keywords matter because your ads do not appear unless someone searches using these terms. Keywords are divided into many different categories, such as long tail and short. They may also contain misspellings and punctuation. You can also be more geographical like “New York pizza.” When you know your audience, you can gauge the kinds of keywords they are using.
  3. Test the ads. Never miss this step. By split testing, you can determine which of the ads have the highest impact to your audience, which is measured through click-through rate. Simple tweaks can already do wonders for your campaign. There are various AdWords tools and settings that make testing a lot easier.
  4. Determine your budget. Most marketers are aware of CPC (cost per click), but you can also pay for the ads through impressions. Either way, your budget allows you to develop practical and economical campaigns. The budget is also a factor in measuring campaign success. High conversions achieved through high costs may not be necessarily great for the business.
  5. Write a powerful headline. The headline is the first thing users see on the ads, simply because they’re normally set in bold. However, with so many other headlines to look at, there’s a need for you to stand out by crafting something compelling and specific. For example, “men’s shoes for sale” versus “Nike men’s shoes 50% off”—which do you think works better for a title?
  6. Write, then compare. AdWords copies have very limited characters, so you can’t waste them with poorly written ads. You can avoid that by drafting the ads first. Make as many as you can then compare which ones sound and look better. Then subject them to split testing.
  7. Don’t forget your call to action. AdWords are a way of saying “Come, visit my page” or “Buy my product.” But they don’t really shout these out, so you have to be explicit about what you want the audience to do. Do you want them to buy, request for a quote, call or e-mail? Then say it.
  8. Include the right URL. Don’t lead them to the homepage when you mean them to check out the services page. It’s misleading, and you can easily lose their trust. Make sure too that your links are properly working.
  9. Forget about the hype. Well, AdWords copies are marketing hype, but don’t abuse them. Users can instantly know if you’re exaggerating or worse, bluffing. Besides, you may not be able to keep up with your guarantees and get penalized instead.
  10. Monitor. Always keep track of your campaigns, from the keywords to audience and budget. All these elements can change in a short amount of time.


In a world that’s almost numbed to advertising, writing ads that will stand out and get noticed is pretty challenging. But don’t worry, we can help. Give us a call and let us know how we can help you create effective ad copy.

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