Google Second Quarter of 2013 Earnings

Common Arguments Against PPC: Nobody Clicks on Ads

Many businesses out there are missing out on opportunities in attracting new and recurring clients. If you would do a SWOT Analysis (Strength-Weakness-Opportunities-Threats Analysis) of your marketing efforts, you will realize that your weakness is in not making use of the internet space to market your business wisely. Sure, Search […] Read more »

Pay Per Click Conversion Rate

PPC Performance Indicators: Conversion Rate

One of the most important key performance indicators in any marketing strategy is the Conversion Rate. If you want to be able to determine whether your ad campaigns are doing well for your business, you should take your PPC Marketing‘s conversion rate into consideration. How can it help you? Let’s […] Read more »

Top Three Search Engines Compared by

Google AdWords VS Yahoo! Bing Network

You have finally decided that you want to use Pay Per Click Advertising to promote your products and services. Congratulations; that is one giant step. The next step is to understand more about the platforms that you will be using for your PPC efforts. Although there are several PPC programs […] Read more »

SEO Requires a Lot of Time and Effort

Common Arguments Against PPC: Why Pay If SEO Is Free

This is probably the most asked question an Internet Marketing Agency receives. Many people believe that it is better to focus their marketing efforts towards free marketing methods rather than paid ones. Nothing is better than free, right? Wrong. Read on for the reasons why you should use PPC even […] Read more »