Google Trusted Stores

Google Trusted Stores: What This Means for E-Commerce Businesses

Aside from having the widest coverage among all search engines, many e-commerce businesses optimise to get Google favor because of the company’s strong support for both retailers and consumers. It challenges and revolutionizes online shopping regularly to make it truly easier, more convenient, and most importantly, more secure. Read more »

Image credit: John Morse

10 Tips for Effective AdWords Copy

Your AdWords copy can only do so much. Its real source of success rests upon you and how well you create and manage them. Although there are no guarantees, you can increase your chance of achieving a high conversion and click-through rate through these 10 helpful tips. Read more »


The Internet’s Role in the Buying Process

At any point in time, consumers are within one or more buying stage of a product or service. As the Internet became readily available to more users, it also influenced decision making. Check out how the Internet affected the consumer’s buying process. Read more »

Google Keyword Data: No More?

The SEO Apocalypse: No More Keyword Data from Google Searches

The most dreaded news has come for Search Engine Optimisation: Google would no longer pass keyword data. So if your business is relying heavily on organic searches to drive traffic to your website, you would no longer be able to track which keyword brought your traffic, and which one is […] Read more »